New Minimalistic Facebook Layout - Created Using Stylebot

28 Feb 2012

Yesterday I discovered a great website for the Chrome plugin Stylebot where users can upload their CSS changes of popular websites for others to use and comment on. I think this is a really cool idea, and although half of the reworked skins are poor, the other half are really cool. There's a limited amount you can do when you're not able to re-structure any of the code, but I managed to work this out...


I've messed about with changing styles to websites before, but as soon as I saw that there was a site which allowed users to share their skins, I was determined to make my own. I chose Facebook as there are lots of little things on there that annoy me. For instance, the left columns contains groups I'm in and list's I have created. I don't use these so I've decided the hide most of them and only show when the user hovers.

You can install the theme for Facebook from here. Comment and rate if you like it.

Stylebot - Facebook Redesign

Note: To uninstall, go to Settings > Tools > Extensions and uninstall from there (although I hope you won't)